Roll of Honour

These are the games that have endured with me over the years, have won a place in my gaming heart and for which I have continued to maintain a force or team. Basically these are the games that I still want to play and still do, even if relatively irregularly.


Something of an instant classic I am very many others have taken to this game massively very quickly. For me that's really saying something as I've played a LOT of different games over the years.

Not a Blood Bowl clone, think Speedball, for those in the know, it's a very positive play game rather than one to play by the numbers. Simple to play, far more to master it's an awful lot of fun :)

Space Hulk:

Having cut my teeth many years ago as a kid playing Advanced Space Crusade with my brother I was quickly reduced to that state once again upon GW's announcement of the game's splash re-release. Within hours I had wielded the never never card as was not to be disappointed.

Once I had cracked upon the newly delivered box I almost inhaled its contents through my widened eyes. A flurry of games happened in all its red and purple plastic glory as I made room for it as a hobby project.

With almost reverential awe I took my time painting everything up, even blacking in counter and board tile edges before custom fitting a carry case.

All of the figures were instant classics and drew from me my best paint job for sometime. All in all an absolute pleasure to paint and play :)

Red Sand, Blue Sky:

A relatively new addition to the roll inspired by the Spartacus TV series Two Hour Wargames' gladiatorial offering has quickly become a firm favourite.

With simple yet brutal mechanics the club quickly set up its own fringe campaign of six initial Ludi competing for the attentions of the mob and Rome itself. Nil Secundus!

Blood Bowl:

Another favourite of years gone by I've run a wide number of teams and happily attended a number of Grand Tournaments whilst also played in a host of club events.

My current team of Chaos Dwarves were converted primarily from the Confronatation range, with Flagellant Human line-slaves in place of Hob-Goblins, for a Sevens tournament and expanded into a full team.

Despite trying my hand at finesse I've always had greater success with the traditionally more bash-tastic teams and over the years have learnt my place on a Blood-Bowl pitch.......... the middle of a puch-up!

Fun Games:

A number of board and card games have earned a place in Geek-tality over the years and have reguarly featured as the focus to many a GBBQ over the years as well as pick up games at the club.

Munchkin, Zombies and Robo Rally stand as favourites along with Infernal Contraption, Corporate Shuffle, Order of the Stick and many, many more!