Monday, 24 March 2014

Second Contact

So, back to it with EotE last Wednesday we almost manged a full turn out with four of the chaps in attendance.

After a brief recap and the decision to retain the Team Delta assistance the penny finally dropped from the previous sessions heavy hints the chaps dropped back in on Tinsons Town Tech to have a chat with Jared the slightly Austin, super-nerd, does strong theory calls in his head teenager! Sigh!!

First off they got Jared to hook 7-UP-0 to the droid maintenance rig, though 7s rolled such bad Perception that he pretty much walked straight into it! As such we took a brief detour in 7's MYSTERY DEVICE that seems to be some sort of advanced independent data drive that 7's probably doesn't even know about.......,probably;)

Moving on it soon became clear that Jared is a little bit Neo when it comes to computer code but knows right from wrong in a relatively child-like black from white manner. As such the chaps convinced him to check Kanto's files and then hack Ronson's firewall "to help Kanto" but wouldn't make bank transfers to numbered accounts "to help Kanto". The end result was a new door code which would open any door in Ronsons whilst locking all others. They also learnt that Kanto was alive in a detention cell, was being moved in the morning and got a partial site map before the firewall almost caught them......potentially :)

Heading back to the Cantina the chaps met up with their D girl, Oskara and set about planning a slick, mean extraction Op. Said briefing started with a slap up the head for 7s from Oskara as he holo projected their intel onto their table in the middle of the bar! A few more fails and it would have been through the PA but not quite this time! The schooling continued with the nature of corporate extractions and their interface with blaster stun settings! Hired Goons have a certain asset value don't you know. Blue sky thinking often involves planned extraction routes.....apparently ;)

So, as Team Zeta crept up to the back door for 24:00 Oskara elected to act as Tail End Charlie and play sentry.......probably ;)

Bang on Zero Hour the back door was popped and the boys went to work. Faced with a Security Sergeant, a Tech tinkering with his loader and a couple of workers the guy with the armour piercing tranq gun shot the unarmoured tech while the blaster boys peppered Sarge's body armour fairly ineffectually! As is his want Sindori left the Stun bolts at home and got a fair few live ones back for his trouble. Agneci went for a mix as the Stun option didn't seem to yielding immediate results. If only he could negate  that pesky body armour........
With the maintenance bay clear Team Zeta moved into the main vehicle bay and repeated the mix of blaster, stun and tranq fire. As programmed their code locked down the rear door, just as security klaxons started to sound! 7's didn't manage any shooting, fancy or otherwise, instead spending his actions patching Sin's rapidly spreading blaster-tan eventually picking up a dropped blaster pistol........oh my!

Like Hannibal I love it when a plan comes together! Maybe next time out a half baked one might turn up.........potentially ;)

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  1. I haz no idea what's going on here...but I dig it!