Saturday, 4 May 2013

Purity Seal-ed

Got back to Dark Heresy Thursday night with a full crew and a new mission, in more ways than one.

There have been a few issues around background / setting and the difference between playing 40K and then Dark Heresy. In short our Lord Inquisitor finally got round to letting us know about the Seven Commandants. Stuff like Suffer not the Wytch, Suffer not the Xenos, Suffer not the Heretic, proper puritan stuff rather than the allied contingents table from the back of the rulebook to sell a few more Grey Terminators :)

Being sent off to the feral world of Iocanthos to investigate some physic phenomena and assist in the consecration of a new cathedral we were at least given some uprated guns n' ammo, hot-shot laspacks and plenty of manstopper rounds, following our previous ineffectual gun-play.

Then came the, not entirely unexpected, pointed questions about the xenos pistols...........yeah, we'll be keeping them thanks, a point of fatigue (-10 to all stats) is worth it for the moment thanks :)

Transferring onto a light freighter for our  four day trip to Iocanthos we were asked several times what we were going to with our time. Taking the hint we harassed the crew, who had made planet-fall previously, and turned up a number feral knick-knacks including a bone amulet which had a psychic imprint. We got hold of that crewman and went bad cop x4 on his ass until he told us where he found it, an hour outside the space-port, called Suffering (nice!), on the way to the cathedral. I think the whole ship was glad to deliver us to Suffering.......

Getting our bearings we took in our surroundings and did a bit of research on the population, 4 billion indigenous with 1 billion imports. Locals are nomadic types collecting Ghostflower Pollen which is used to synthesise drugs for use in penal platoons. I'm sure they were very glad when the Great Crusade brought enlightenment to them :)

Collected from the landing pad by a floating cherubim we trotted of to meet our contact, seer Aristarchus. Along the way we noticed we were being followed by a group indigenous Yoot, minus hoodies but plenty of tribal tattoos. Turning down an alley we came across one of the boys crazy grandad who kicked off at the sight of the amulet and started spouting off a number of highly relevant phrases. Deciding to arrest Grandad the Yoot made their move at which point poor dice struck.

Basically Grandad gave Rob's Arbite a good slap and legged it while the rest of us started blazing at any and every crate within 10 feet, leaving the Yoot unscathed. A big dose of Spasm brought down Grandad just as the local law turned up with guns to back up their harsh language. This time we were allowed to pull rank and did so with gusto.

Grandad tried to slip away again, we were getting the feeling that we weren't supposed to talk to him, and he got a bit more Spasm for his trouble........except he picked up something of a heart attack.

Dragging the Yoot away from the local filth they got a load more bad cop x4 with the whole harsh language and big guns thing going on. A couple of them didn't make it but we did find out that their elders congregate at the scared rocks an hour outside the space-port on the way to the cathedral. During all of this were sighs and scribbled notes behind the GM's screen. Poor lad, seems he can never win or at least decide what he wants from us, we were just going by the 7 commandments ;] Apparently even when we're being good we're still being bad!

Eventually meeting up with seer Aristarchus we pushed through a few more plot holes and established that the planetary governor is an indigenous type called King Skull with the biggest armed force on the planet following him around. Also established that the focus of the psychic stuff is centred at the scared rocks an hour outside the space-port on the way to the cathedral.

Guess where we're off to next ;]

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