Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Creeping Death

So, I've actually been doing some painting, a fair amount if painting actually and pretty much al of it Death Gaurd. Happy Days!.....literally :)

I've stuck with the relatively experimental pre-shade and wash technique that I wanted to try out and it's worked pretty week so far. Using the Rhino as a test piece I've worked out the basic principles and issues to the point where everything, bar the poxwalkers is at the initial shade stage.

Using the Rhino for stage by stage....
....this is where it currently sits. Pretty much all of the basic detail is blocked in and I've started playing around with some rust and weathering techniques. This will set the bench-mark for the vehicles while I've nearly finished the sorcerer to do the same for the infantry.

All good so far, I've realised that I don't HAVE to pre-highlight and wash EVERYTHING. Standard techniques still apply for detail work. I've been mindful not to let everything become too busy. Between the level of detailing on the figures and my 8ntended level of detailing thers going to be plenty of contrast. Going for grim rather than gaudy.

At some point I'll set up a couple of poxwalker testers but currently I'm still unconvinced about the models themselves.

The club escalation campaign kicked off last night at which point I realised I'd been doing a couple of things wrong and that Assault is just as brutal as billed.

It's a fairly quiet weekend on the horizon so hopefully a few finished figures by Sunday. Creeping death indeed!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Toxic Relationship?

Hello people,

Long time coming this one, in several different ways. As previously mentioned I've taken the plunge back into 40K with 8th Edition. GW and I had parted many years ago but I've been tempted back by Papa Nurgle.

With any break-up there's a period when you swear that you're not going back, ex's are ex's for a reason. You're moving on and so are they, you tell yourself. You tell other people that you're pleased that they're doing well, just as well as you.....obviously. As time passes you check in virtually, it's not stalking honest, and can admire at a distance relatively safely.

The issue really rears it's head when mutual friends mention them in passing. How they've moved on, how good they're looking, how they're new and improved......a new Edition...

And so it was that 8th Edition was mentioned to me, how it was more streamlined,  less power-cheese, more skirmish, more old school. Though we had turned our noses up at Age of Sigmar, whilst quietly applauding trying something different, as far more juvenile 4OK 8th was somehow retro. The memories of Rogue Trader through to 4th beckoned. Where Stormcast were ridiculous Primaris are cool x 2 and just look at the new Death Gaurd. Didn't you used to have Death Gaurd army? You'd have a great time putting together the new figures? Fancy swapping out a starter set??

So thats a double starter set plus a pair of Hellbrutes, a Rhino and a "spare" set of Plague Marines, E-Bay bargains all, later. With the Codex it made sense to pick up the cards and the plague-ridden dice are rule of cool. Ordering from my local store I ended upgrading to the collectors edition codex because it's just that bit sexier and I knew I'd be dissapointed with the standard one otherwise. Apparently time is my most finite resource these days but £72.50 still left a mark, though it was definitely the right call.

Currently everything but the "spare" marines and 20 Poxwalkers are built and thanks to a number of donations I've kit-bashed them all to individuality, a personal necessity. Painting has begun in earnest with a pre-highlight and wash scheme that I've not used before now approved. I've even play3dchalfa dozen games and rather enjoyed them. Things to unlearn but I particularly like the objective cards adding a random element. The game feels more brutal than I remember and though I'm sure power-cheese is more than possible I can see myself playing on a regular basis.

All on my own terms.....obviously ;)

Monday, 18 September 2017

Spoils of War

Hello people,


So, back from Nationals. As previously mentioned it was a very positive weekend being a geek. I also made out like a bandit for swag;

Alt arts are clearly a big thing these days, I was gifted a full half dozen to go with the gorgeous X-Wing participation Howlrunner and the Destiny BB-8 that I traded for an Armada Screed, Rebel Transport and X-Wing.

Getting a few side events in I gathered enough tickets for the Netrunner mat and picked up Hey That's My Fish! as it's an awesome pick up game.

The Netrunner mat won out over an Armada Howlrunner alt art. Part of that was because after the weekend I'd rather look at Netrunner than Destiny.

I played 10 games of Destiny over the weekend, loosing every single one. I still enjoyed those games but I simply can't compete with the card pool that I have. As much as I'm sure I could have played better I was meeting Teir 1 lists even on the lowest tables, as well as the "casual" side events. Without spending a couple of hundred I can't get close. Not salt, just reality. Still a fun pick up game but no longer an event game for me personally.
Getting back up to speed with Netrunner will mean putting in the effort with game time and going back to a steeple learning curve but that's always been a lot of the attraction for me. As an LCG I can take out the random element of the card pool and concentrate on playing better.

That's the theory ;)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Rediscovered Country

Hello people,

I tap this via the App whilst sat in a concrete room vaguely full of geeks in Liverpool.

Yes, that's correct I've found myself attending Fantastic Flight Games' UK National Championships!

It's been a more interesting event than you may think as it was this event last year that marked my decent into X-Wing burnout and 6 to 9 months of general X-Wing  discontent. The upside if that was getting into Armada.

For Friday the choice was between Armada and Destiny. I went for Destiny for extra laid back funsies. I really enjoyed Destiny at the European Champs. My 3-7 record quite simply wasn't an issue because I was having a ball all day long. As much as anything it was a decision to play just the one full on event plus extra lols.

With a notionally more focused deck, I went 0-5 plus a bye before dropping the final game. It was a positive decision to avoid any salt issues and to switch decks for some side events.

Yesterday I pheonixed from 0-3 to my standard 3-3 for almost every major X-Wing event I ever played in. The difference from last year was that there were no easy games / match ups, even on table 130, and that I enjoyed myself throughout. Maintaining X-Wing respectability was a bonus ;)

Meanwhile there's been another five of us up here from the club plus dozens of other gaming mates enhancing reaquainiting myself with a swarm of X-Wing. As always it's the community that makes so much of the game, especially now that I've accepted and embraced my more casual gaming status.

State of mind people, it makes a huge difference :)

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Points make Prizes?

Hello people,

So no flurry of update posts just yet, apologies, but the pipeline is charging up :) As well as getting back to gaming I've also got back to painting, both on a more casual basis than previously.

With the current re-launch I've decided to ditch the Painting Points. The past tally, on your right, will remain for posterity but is now in stasis. As my hobby shifted there was less to paint, which in turn saw Points drop, which then helped to accelerate the mild malaise.

In the last couple of months I've mainly been painting Armada, which is also generally less technically demanding, but without a particular plan or schedule. In the last week or so I've added a pair of Hammerheads to my Freedom Fighters and a bunch TIEs in response to Admiral Sloane's release and my intention to get her on the table sometime soon.

The foray back into 40K 8th has provided me with a longer term Hobby project, which has always been a major factor for me, but more about that next post :)

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A BLANK is built on Hope

Hello people,...person?

It's been a bit busy in the real world the last couple of months and the club has had to close for the summer due to local road-works limiting accessibility. This meant about a month without any games......sad face :(

The last couple of weeks I've been getting myself back out to events and this Bank Holiday Monday was Armada at Marquee Models in Harlow. It was a field of six, five from the club plus another gaming acquaintance so fantastically casual.

With X-Wing I don't fly Terrorist (Rebellion), partly to focus myself and more because I LOVE the Scum. Mmmm......Boba Fett..... With Armada I initially continued the theme, picking up a very good deal on E-Bay for the nucleus of an Imperial fleet. A good mate then donated me his entire, rather dusty, Armada stockpile which gave me three cores plus extras :)

Having learnt the game with the might of the Imperial Navy it was only a matter of time until I made the spin to the other side of the coin......but I don't fly Terrorist...

Then Rogue One happened, which for myself at least has saved Star Wars canon from Disney shmaltz, and another option became apparent. Saw Gerrera and his band of freedom fighters appealed to me hugely and also gave me the scope for a particularly rag tag fleet. I've really enjoyed the painting project and the ability to be less formulaic.

So, knowing that Monday would be super casual I took a small ship Freedom Fighter list as a learning day. I definitely learnt a lot, though relatively painfully, across three games. Game 1 is was happy with, Game 2 went horribly wrong, Game 3 was my habit of pushing past the envelope to establish where the limits are.

I came away with a set of alt art Assault Proton Torpedoes, some acrylic Objective Counters and a better of appreciation of what not to do with a Freedom Fighter fleet, speaking of which;

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The LONG walk....

Hello peeps,

Yes it's been a while, almost a year in fact......
I tap away in a slightly guilty manner as the hiatus was long, unannounced and primarily down to burnout on my part. I've primarily used the blog to fuel and track my hobby in a somewhat symbiotic manner. As the Hobby dialled back a bit I found that I had less to say, of value or otherwise, and was becoming rather repetitive. Less fun for everyone involved ;]

The Ugly;
Looking back it came down to a couple of things;
1. X-Wing Burnout: After Nationals last year I ended up badly burnt out and sub-consciously took a big step away into Armada which was new, shiny, fun to discover and also gave me one of my prime hobby motivators; painting.
2. Real Life: a (good) move at work meant my most finite hobby resource, time, became a bit more squeezed. As such the blog slipped down the priorities as well as in relevance. Needing to make the most of my hobby time made it more valuable and as such I needed the blog push less.

The Bad;
During my blogging wilderness I also ended up violating The Order of Three adding Armada and Destiny to the mix. Armada has stuck where Destiny has dropped away.

In honesty I was always wary of Destiny as a CCG and so it has proved, though I've managed to limit the damage and properly consign it as a side game. I've got enough to put a couple of half decent decks together and that's enough for me as a fun, pick-up side game. Nothing more than that.....
Armada meanwhile has established itself as a staple with considerable investment made into a substantial Imperial fleet, with a burgeoning Saw Gerrera Seperatist fleet (I don't fly terrorist) massing near Jedha. I've really enjoyed the learning curve and the more tactical style of play. It's been my preferred game of much of the last 6 to 9 months with a gaming community just as good as X-Wing.

The Good:
In short I've still been playing games on a regular basis as well as painting stuff, on a slightly less regular basis. Having been through the cycle before, though rarely for this long, my X-Wing mojo has pretty much returned. I finally got back to "competitive" X-Wing this Saturday at Warboar, as much as a field of 13 primarily casual players is "competitive". I had fun and went 2-2, which is pretty much where I stepped out.

The remaining headline is that I've recently invested in 40K 8th.........
Yep, I've gone there, but then so have the majority of the club so that's guaranteed games. In honesty

I've always had a squishy spot for Plague Marines and I couldn't resist. It's a long term hobby project and IF it all goes south I know that I can get a good return via E-Bay or the like.
As I said at the start sometime a go I found that I had less to say, of value or otherwise, and was becoming rather repetitive. It feels like I now have the ability to remedy that. Brace yourself for a flurry of update posts but after that I'll be aiming at a post a week as something practically manageable.

Back in the saddle and pretty happy about it :)